"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, January 12, 2015

December 8, 2014

      This week was a RAINY week, and it was a good one, I had to travel a little to visit some other missionaries because their area was a little.... in need of some things. But it was awesome the Lord blessed us a ton, I was with one Elder from Texas... super strange but awesome elder, and then the only Elder in our mission from Ecuador, he was really funny and we found a bunch of people that went to church despite the huge rain storm on Sunday, Then I got back and me and my son we were super happy to be reunited haha He was taking care of our area with an Elder from Mexico... It drained him a little especially for being new, but he's a champion so it worked out well...
     As for advent... We haven't had like any time but we read a little and It was fun. The families like  it alot, but translating stories is turning out to be a little more challenging then expected....
     We found some funny new people to teach. One guy who is like super thug and is like 24 years. His name is Rodrigo. He's gone with us to church two weeks now. One day we passed and he had this huge black eye, I was like did you get in a fight and he's like nooo noooo woods, I'm not a fighter.. I asked what happened and he told me, bueno this guy came and got my pants dirty, so I just returned him the dirt to his pants... he has a ways to go but he's funny and really a good kid. We also taught like a family of 15 the other day... we clapped a house got in... and BOOM just so many people... but like grown they all had like 20 or more years... that was super awesome teaching everyone, we are going to pass by and see what they think about the book we left them haha.
     Then this Friday, this family gave us this things called Chorizo... which is just Sausage... but giant these things, I'm telling you... we didn't know how to cook them, and our oven doesn't work... so we were like we will cook it with oil and a pan... and well I haven't really learned how to cook just yet... long story short we ate these giant bloody sausages with a ton of grease and oil and I'm pretty sure raw in the middle... It didn't help me physically or spiritually in any way shape or form... If I ever get sick or a parasite/worm it came from that... so That was a moment that I put on my list for future wife- someone that can cook. 
     Other then that my arms are full of bug bites because there are a billion in the apartment... and well I'm happy. The mission is fun, a little stressful pero bueno, that's a given and well... yeah ITs been a slow week, alot of our other investigators are struggling so we are going to pray but its not looking good. As for music... I'm good, I like don't have any idea of what kind of music there is now... I'm way out of the Loop of everything... basically I feel a bit separated from the world... that's probably a good thing though. :) ITs just SUPER HOT and RAINY all da tiempo.
We are coming up to transfers also this next week so I assume we will stay together and that we will keep working here. I love the area and the ghetto haha 
Also I love you all, enjoy the Christmas spirit... Save it for me when I get back. 
LOVE YOU, Elder Woods
a District meeting were the others... didn't show up... so it was successful and my comp learned a whole lot haha... The others got confused on where to go and like went super far away...

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