"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Monday, January 12, 2015

November 24, 2014

Hola familia qué Onda? jaja
      That's slang for what's up, I have been worrying about you guys, drive safely and take car of yourselves!!!!! But yeah this week was a good hot week full of rain... its now the rainy season, its super hot and then... BOOM YOUR DRENCHED! Its part of living next to the ocean I think... ITs honestly quite an uncomfortable way to live... we are always outside because we are just looking for people all the time. 
     But yeah... asi es la vida, with Jonatan and Alejandra, well somethings happened and we are now not sure if they are getting married... so pray for them. and We have a few other families we are working for this month of December, but this Sunday... not a single person went to church!!! And well my mind is soooo fried, I haven't been as tired as I am now... we were teaching this one guy named Estevan, and I repeated myself twice and realized that I fell asleep while talking to him.... weirdest thing ever. Its been a lot like that all week so emotionally... I now think I know how pregnant women feel... always hungry and so tired you don't know what your thinking or how to act... hahah Its like ET when the alien is drinking and the kid gets drunk.. I think me and Hailey we are connected... This week we had one day were we got up at 6:30 and the rest were 5:30 or mas early, one day we got up at 3...
     We have been traveling doing paper work for my comp so he can become legal haha and then we have been traveling well everywhere. Im keeping in order the other elders because they're great but they are like doing... very little work. So I have been being a bit of a slave driver... Its actually really not fun. I've learned I like more just kind of keeping to myself and not getting on people. And on top of everything.. we are trying to baptize and help all of our converts. I think I will either die from being tired or maybe I'm learning how to not need sleep! jaja
     As for Austin... I miss that kid. As for having a 4runner... I forgot you got a new car... how weird. 
     But yeah, Things are flying by I don't think president will let me extend. so I'm a bit sad but that's okay, I heard that they just aren't letting people extend due to all the missionaries coming out. Um... que más? I cant really think of a lot that's happening. This week was a blur, I'm super tired and honestly I just need to sleep, I am a go all day every day, I think president is doing this just so I don't like go super lazy or stop working..
     But yeah, Hailey showed me a picture she is looking really big but its creepy how its just in the BELLY, it looks like tipo alien jaja but bueno, one day Ill see the baby and maybe it wont be as alienish as it appears :) 
I really have no more time but I hope you guys are all good, just know that I'm thinking about you and hope that you are staying safe!! 
PS MOM! SEND ME SOME CHRISTMAS STORIES!!!!!! ONE FOR EACH SUNDAY, IM GOING TO DO ADVENT WITH ELDER RAWLINS :) DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU FORGET!!!! and well send other Christmasy stories and cool things you can think of... enjoy thanksgiving... maybe I will kill a chicken and like eat it in remembrance of the States. 
Besitos.  Mitch

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