"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, January 11, 2015

October 20, 2014

    Sorry I have no time I spent a lot of time writing some of my converts and friends since I never write them.... PERDONÁME!!!!!!! I will be better.
     This week was a great week, we had the family that is going to get baptised this weekend go to church and now they are ready!!!! We also have another girl we have been teaching who is going to get baptised the following week and after that we are going to have a wedding and another baptism.. I am excited so hopefully we can endure everything well...
     I don't know if I ever want to leave the house to go camping ever again... I feel like this has been like a 2 year campout and as far as hunting goes.... maybe some day... I think my neighbors are hunting a lot I always hear them practicing or something... hahah jk 
     Also another miracle that happened The other day a guy stopped us in the street and told us he went to Paraguay and liked our church there... and said he loves God and wants to get married.. in his words

¨That is my house right there... if you guys want to come to my house and teach my family and invite us to your church we will go, I have no problem with that.. if you want I was like... bueno sounds good to me. Then I asked did you get baptized in Paraguay? ¨No, I never reached that point but I would love to be baptized with my family¨  soo yeah we visited him found out they're not married, talked about the temple and bueno he is going to go this sunday!!!! :) his name is Rosalino... super cool guy. We are going to get him married her in the near future!!! I swear I marry everyone.. its getting ridiculous.
     Other then that the week has just been working, praying, and running back and forth. I'm going to sleep today... estoy tan cansado.. wow I'm tired sorry... 
     Elder Smith is good... I'm starting to understand his Spanish now haha and he is starting to come out of the cocoon.
     I love the miracles we are seeing,,, I'm super hot now, its getting really hot and humid... but I'm just sweating faith and love haha I love the restored truths we get to share with everyone! I'm all good hope you guys are too....

                                                           LOS AMO, Que Estén bien y felices.
                                                                                 Elder Woods

                                                                           Giant grub thing... monster

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