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Monday, January 12, 2015

December 1, 2014

     Sooo you went down to the south... was it humid... was it hot? Feeeeel my pain. In my area were I am it floods... like FAST FLASH FLOODS. This last saturday it was raining out of no where.. and well we had like 3 appointments and we went to the first one, and she was outside and looked at me and was like ¨today no elder. Its raining¨ like no duh I came 2 miles in the rain to talk with you, so she denied us, we went to the other, the same thing, and the last... they werent home.. sooo we walked in water that was up to my mid thigh, and we clapped houses. and we shared Christmas cards trying to get into a house. We found a few people who have potential but they didnt let us in the house... 4 hours in cold water and wind, Im surprised we arent sick. But its alright.
     So basically this week has been super great. I don't remember if I told you but  Elder Christofferson came to the mission and spoke with us.. Buenos Aires is awesome because its where all the apostles and prophets come through. so We listened to him, and at the end he gave us an apostolic blessing... it was super powerful and we have just been seeing miracles come to pass according to what he told us. We found some awesome people this week and they went to church. We have been talking about Christmas with everyone and we are teaching people about Advent jaja I don't know if that will get me in trouble but we already have two families doing advent this month :) haha

     Also we are sharing this video the church made... its incredible, Its called, él es la dádiva... in English it should be like He is the gift... look it up, it really lets us see what Christmas means..
    This is always my hardest month missing home. I'm dying inside, I want to ski and be with the family and... bueno that is I guess the natural man and I need to keep it at bay. ha But I miss you all. The mission is fun but the Work load is unreal, my district is basically all people disobedient and then my angel son of the mission. So I have been doing a ton of divisions with the others and trying to get them to work, and at the same time taking care of my area... The mission like I know the church is true because I would not be able to do these things on my own, I feel like angels sometimes are carrying me from place to place.
     We pored cement on the roof of a members home, to strengthen it... I'm not an engineer but I feel like things they do here are maybe not the most efficient.. but.. when in rome.. ahaha
     Thanksgiving.... Bueno.. That day we ate a few chicken nuggets and rice that we had gotten. Luckily I forgot it was thanksgiving or it would have made me upset.. haha
     I saved my comp from crazy drunk robbers and we have shared the message with everyone... The mission.. is unforgettable.. I truly know it has changed my life.. We have a young kid who should be getting baptized this next week, so we are excited and all we can really do is help with the momentum and help there little seeds of faith grow. 
     The church is true... I'm going to baptize all of my friends when I get home. 
Also thanks for the stories mom :) we are going to use them for our advent... I bought the candles in a weird santería like store of catholic virgins and witch craft... so hopefully that doesn't curse us. but hahah we will still enjoy the stories. 
Also now I need you guys to look into BYU and what I need to do to go there... I think thats what I want to do.. Im tired of being far from home. Soo look into it and tell me what it says :) 
I love you all. Thanks for writing me every week and just know that Im still alive!!! 
¨I cant belive Im still standing...¨ 
Un beso
Elder Woods


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