"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, January 11, 2015

November 3, 2014

This is what I wrote Hailey... I'm pressed for time so I'm putting everything together!
     Wow you is old haha Sorry for not wishing you happy birthday before. I saw a little girl dressed as a witch and I thought of you... ( Hailey's birthday is on Halloween)  They don't celebrate Halloween here... it was the first time I have seen like anything... I feel the same... my birthday is the day right before a transfer so we aren't really celebrating anything. I have no time ever, I have no time to think of my birth... because were making people be born again through baptisms haha
     We are working hard now to find lots of people. The other day we got a text `in ingles` and it had the address of a family and said they were awesome... we went right away, they live super far also.. and the first time they weren't there. We went another day and well... they let us in and like wow super spiritual lesson. We taught about the restoration and the book of Mormon. The problem is that they aren't married... (por favor) I marry everyone here. MAWWAGE IS WHYYY WEEE AWE GAVVEWED HEWWWEE TODAYYY.... ( Princess Bride)  haha so this next Monday we convinced them to go with us and get married... :) we taught the plan of salvation and we talked about the temple and eternal families, IT was awesome...
     Also this whole week has been raining. so its been a STRUGGLE because when you are looking for people sometimes we spend full days clapping... my comp is really really shy and afraid of speaking Spanish. So I CLAP doors all days and talk all day... and I'm always tired. Now I have learned when its raining its a little harder... this week we are talking like mini hurricanes.. so I feel like It was more of a take my son to the mountain to sacrifice him kind of moment.. like just showing your sacrifice and that you are willing to work. Last night in the last hour of the day in the dark and rain.. we contacted a house... we found a married family of 5... we taught of How the authority of God has been restored... sooo powerful.. So we are finding people and the Lord knows of our needs... if we pray, make plans and put ourselves on the field and work... that's how we move mountains and see miracles... and I know that without a doubt. I realized I have 6 months left... and that is nothing! It is going to FLY so I will hit the ground running and sprint to the end.
     Don't worry about gifts.. I am receiving all that I really need. Pray for me, that's all I need. My comp is likely leaving and the president told me he wants me to either be zone leader or train. So It sounds like anything can happen, so just pray that everything works out! Please and we will keep praying for you all!!! I'm Thankful for you guys and that we are sooooooo blessed, that is all I need. 

Love you!!!    Stay blessed :)
Elder Woods¨

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