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Monday, January 12, 2015

December 15, 2014

FUAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW The bebe ya viene, no lo puedo creer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! :))))
     What a great Christmas gift, now for every time that she thinks of her birth she can think of also the birth of the Lord. With all that's been happening I have actually really thought about how important life is to the Lord, that to Him having a family that loves us and a place to grow is number one! Its said that the two sins unforgivable are that of murdering and that of fornication. and bueno denying the holy ghost. But Just like we should never kill someone and take their life, to God it is of equal importance in how we treat the bringing of life to this world. That the greatest gift that God could give us was the Life of one of his sons... Juan 3:16 That god so loved the world he sent his only begotten son... Like wow. Life is a special thing. 
     I will forget  myself and go to work haha as for my son, yeah I have been training for this transfer, and the transfer ends on Wednesday, so I assume I will be with him another transfer. But after being with my last two comps and now everything I'm exhausted, This week especially, I had such an intense week. Last Saturday I ate some sausages... not fully cooked... like 3 giant raw sausages... and well I'm lucky to be alive. I have been dying ALL WEEK and I had to do two divisions, one with an elder who was being super disobedient and then with my zone leader. On top of that we had to go do paper work for Elder Rawlins so he is legal here in Argentina, and well the whole time on a toilet or throwing up, and sometimes I got the double headed dragon and was blessed with both at the same time... if you think it sounds gross... you. have. no. idea.
     Our super ghetto toilet got clogged and I was like Stavi from The Ringer, just throwing my hand down the mouth of the toilet using hand rigged snakes from hangers we had and then throwing buckets of hot water and bleach from super high.... IT was a day I will never forget. I've lost like 10 pounds again... the weight here is always changing... BUT IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING this week we found 17 new investigators and taught like 20 something lessons... so The area was still blessed. 
     Also our mission is going to get split in the future and the president called me and we talked because my area is in the part of what will be the new mission... and we don't know when the changes will be, I think further in the year. And well I don't thing it affects me, but he wants us to really take care of it and prepare it.. so that's what we will do.
     I hope you guys are good enjoying all the wonderful blessings of this season and that Hailey is safe. If anything changes here... I'll let you guys know but as for now... Ill be talking with you guys sooooonnn :)
Les amo mucho
Elder Woods
Some other comps... my old comp elder Escobar is in my district again.. haha 
This is me lifting some funky hand made weights... of concrete... getting huge!

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