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Sunday, October 12, 2014

August 18, 2014

Querida Familia mia,


     I went to the only zone that doesn't allow sister missionaries, why??? BECAUSE ONLY MEN CAN TAKE WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING!!!!!!!!!! haha but its awesome. My first area, of Villegas is really close. I'm in an area called Gonzales Catan. I was actually really close to where I am now when I got here in Argentina. I spent 3 days in this area, and I returned. But now I'm with a comp who is really great. But literally like a giant teddy bear. He has like 4 months here, he's a yankee(American) and from Washington. His name is Elder Smith, super innocent. Its hard guiding a new area and feeling like I'm taking care of someone too, Like I fear for him in this area... but luckily he is like 7 feet tall and he looks big... I told him to just put on a mean face and the people will leave us alone hahah This week we came in the area and the Elder who was here before.... didn't do a whole lot of anything and well Smith is new and basically we are starting the area from scratch, and just looking for a million people... we started the week with one person who had a date to be baptized and we ended with 8 people. I'm excited with the area, I love the Ghetto, but also... I don't know how many pictures we are going to be taking anymore... so sorry. 
     Our house is surprisingly nice.... well... yea its nice! haha I don't know if dad could live in it but for what I've seen, it beats living in a lot of other places haha I don't have many stories but I was thinking how much I feel like I've progressed looking at Elder smith and thinking back when I was with as much time as he has... How much things have happened. Its crazy, I'm now helping him learn the language.... WE are two white Americans in the middle of one of the most craziest parts of Argentina.. and we are like living here... I thought taking care of myself in college would be tough hahah But yeah I'm super excited for everything. 

Elder Woods (I have forgotten my name already)

¨hey elder whats your first name?¨

ummmm ¨elder¨

Chau besitos

 Mitch is in an area where he can't use his camera safely so I will add old pictures. These were from last week:
A duck we found.
A familia that I love 
and an agenda that I made! 


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