"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hey how's it going...

So I have no time. I have been having to work super hard. Something's happened in our area and I have had to be the temporary district lider, our district lider had his area shut down and well we have been having to do a lot of things getting it all in order. So I have like very little time this week :( This week was a good one we have been having millions of family home evenings with EVERYONE and well I love them... so also I had to teach this week in the gospel principles class, and well my comp doesn't know much about how life works... or Argentina... or the language soo I am super tired. I love him and he is super great, but I feel like my mind is dying... we made the goal that he's going to participate more sooo... fingers crossed. This last week we had like 28 lessons... TEACHING THE WORLD we were teaching everywhere my mouth is like super dry from lack of spit!!! 

We had some people come to church and well now we found a family who is interested... the mom went this week with her daughter and they are super good. We are going to go to the temple this weekend so I'm super excited for that also :) 
And on top of it all we are going to be meeting with a 70 this week also haha we are working a TON my mind cant hold on much longer. But I'm happy. I think I'm killing my comp. Last night we had to be home on time... OBEDIENCE so I was sprinting and making my comp run also... well, he's like 7 feet tall and a billion pounds... He tripped and it was a horrific crash... without thinking I picked him up, asked Elder are your legs hurt he told me no... and I was like THEN RUN and then we sprinted even more... we got home and he was bleeding a bit... and he was like Elder were you in the army before the mission... it made me laugh... but after seeing the effects of video games on people.... my children will never touch them. haha

I love the mission, and I love you all!!!

The church is true!

Elder Woods
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