"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 6, 2014

     Wow, I am jealous! I want to go to a play.. with music... and a seat were I could rest.... and maybe sleep... I want to just sleep. I don't want a play or a balloon fiesta. I just want to sleep for a day. That is my dream.
     But for serious, I'm glad that you guys are doing good! I am excited to be back with you all... but until then I will just keep working. Sometimes its like that song of working in the Gold mine ¨HOW LONG CAN THIS GO ON¨  and other days its like Wow I just want this to keep going. Its like everything is winding down.. Today I went to the offices of the mission to get a box of Books of Mormon and well I saw so many people and it made me think, I think I know like the whole mission now... how weird. That's when it hit me that I'm getting a little weathered in the mission. So hopefully I don't get to the point of being super ¨trunky¨ packing the bags early haha
     I am working on being focused. SUPER FOCUSED, my comp is good but he talks alot of home and sometimes that makes me want to..  I don't know drink a root bear.. eat some Wendy's or some of that taco bell... ugh. The food here... it all comes in the same flavor. At first it was like this is tasty now its like... give a man some variety!!! haha pero bueno.
     Time to talk about the situation with the president... first how did you guys hear about that? and second well that is kind of life here, like I told you guys I will have some stories to tell you when I get home... this city is a little intense. Things happen but nothing real serious has like happened it always ends up good.. The president is all good now, and it all worked out. So yea, the work goes on haha. I will just say,,, I'm pretty sure nothing will scare me after the mission, I have seeeen thiiiings. haha but That just has to go with what I said about the States... we are blessed the world is a pretty crazy place, but money goes in time and the riches rust, that's why we should build our treasures in heaven were it will not go and will last forever. I try to teach that to the people, but when they really want the rusty treasure.. that's were I have learned to run LIKE THE DICKENS jajaja but I'm safe don't worry. Elder Smith does not run like the dickens and well played far to many video games. Pray more for him ;)
     The area is good we had a great time in all that good confrency goodness, I learned so much and guess what when the speakers spoke in their natural tongue... I understood it all. I'm bilingual now... miracles. I now want to learn Portuguese its really similar, I understand like half of it... but still Eu no falo portugues thats portugues for I don't speak Portuguese haha We are working with a lot of the families, hopefully we are helping people, I know I am growing a ton, everyday... I started trying to think how I was before the mission and I realized that I think I am completely different. Still the same soul. but a bit more manly and now I think I understand better my purpose here in the world. Haha I am not going to lie I think I would enjoy having more baptisms and helping more people but that's selfish and I should be happy with the things that the Lord is giving me. So Things are good I love this area to death the Hood is were I belong. well that is a lie, I think I'm more of a small town guy... the city.... this city... I'm never bringing my kids to see my mission haha Maybe one day we can come like.. me and dad and no one else... maybe mom. But we are taking off all the jewelry and watches haha. I have had some funny contact stories of people who robbed me, but those are stories for a different time.
     How is everyone in the ward. How is Farmington, how are the schools doing? Give me more I want to know, how is Brenda and Gayle, Shane and Shawn... grandma and beba... Obama. I heard we got a new patriarch in the stake? Are more people leaving in the mission, are you guys doing mission work, are you reading and praying as a family?.. and GO TO CHURCH renew your covenants and think about what you are promising to do every week. 
     Send me fotos, I need to see la familia so yea do that, also I haven't been sure but I have been thinking about applying to BYU in Provo..  Also... I think that's it, give hugs and kisses to everyone, ski in memoria de mi and enjoy that family time :)


Elder Woods

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