"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, October 5, 2014

July 21, 2014


     How is it going things are going super good here! I am in the midst of miracles everyday! So yeah like always we have been working and working hard, the only thing bad is that this week me and my comp we got sick with like the same cold, and it has been intense. BUT when you're on the Lords time there is no time to be sick! So I think I have been killing my comp but we have kept on truckin, but today I think we are going to rest.
      The world cup is starting to die down and I feel more safe, in fact Argentina is full of really lazy people and they have like a holiday every other day and yesterday was Día del amigo, and everyone was hugging me telling me that they can even be friends with a German... so that was funny. This next week we are going to have a baptism with a girl named Milagros, which means Miracles :) and well I'm super excited. She asked if I could baptize her so It makes me happy to know that the baptism clothing is getting used.
     We have been helping a lot of less actives come back to church and also our recent converts are super excited for the work and are giving us a bunch of friends that they want to join the church... We were walking one day,,, lost. and I screamed at a woman from afar and well I wanted to ask directions but we started to talk and well, we taught her the next day and she went to church by herself with her two 4 year old sons, who were sick... her name is Gisel, and well she is on date to be baptized this next month.... This area is finally coming back from nothing. I'm super happy and thankful for the trials that I have received. I have learned to love my companion, and well now he is like the weirdest friend I have ever had. haha With the sickness aside we have been doing good.
     I'm becoming more manly everyday! I killed like 10 chickens Saturday with a machete, I saw like 3 dogs get hit by cars in the same day... I feel like my emotions have been pretty well rounded and well, what more can I ask for.
     Winter here is weird its like REALLY cold and then really hot and rainy... I cant explain it. Its messin with my mind. but yeah, what more.... I cant think of a whole lot more, just slowly dying from hunger and a bipolar climate haha  But i am engaged in the Work I love you all with todo mi corazón! 

Elder Woods
So this is my comp after receiving a surprise package from Peru.


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