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Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 15, 2014


     So this week has been a long one, I think I have been sick and so I have been tired all the time...  also we walked like 8 miles EVERYDAY so that might be it also. So far I have like 5 weeks here in the area and I'm becoming one of the veterans.. We shared the ward and area with two other elders who were taken out for ¨some reason and well that left me with my companion taking care of two areas and well... I'm TIRED. We walk so much and we didn't have a map for the other area. I just got one today.. so hopefully that will help a little more. But yeah my comp is good... but he's still not contributing like anything and I'm starting to hit a wall.. This week has been intense. Also we had a family who was going to get baptized this month but they got sick this week and encima de eso it was raining Sunday so they didn't go... uggghhh.
     BUT Get this wow it was like little miracles, we have a less active family and well one day we found this guy outside and he told us he was less active. Also he has his wife and kids, then he told us he didn't want anything to do with it. He then told us where his dad lived and we decided we would visit him sometime also.. but that night we had a Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a less active who is returning. We bought gaseosa and alfajores (Chocalate things that are soooooo good here in Argentina)... we went and it turned out his brother had just passed away and he refused to let us in. We sat there at 8 in the night like wow Elder that was so sure, we had a plan de respaldo... pero we felt - hey lets visit that Dad, we went and his son was there with his pareja and we had a SURPRISE noche de hogar... the whole family went to church and they are wanting to get married :)  We had another thing like that were we were looking for one woman and well we found her son and daughter in law... and well they ended up going to church! We just need to marry like everyone! But if God wants me to be Cupid... iré y haré. We are seeing miracles, also I'm working with one kid and his friends, we have been having a lot of fun, his name is maxi and well he has a ton of friends who aren't members and we have talked a lot with them. I was talking with his sister and she told me this week that I am the first missionary that has ever been liked by maxi.... I felt good, it showed that there are always people specially for us as missionaries. and Also RUFINO GOT BAPTISED!!! We had an awesome baptism with this stud kid we found... but everything that could go wrong went wrong... the baptismal font didn't fill up all the way and then I was like wow, I will need to put him down almost to the floor... haha so when I was thinking that he went down but we didn't check to see if he was to close to the wall... and well he bumped his head against the wall... and I was like... well put him down anyway and he was baptized... haha but we were changing and I felt so bad, but he was laughing and told me... now when I go on the mission I can tell the people I baptize what the Elder did to me when he THREW MY HEAD AGAINST THE WALL.... it was funny but a really special and spiritual night. AND ALSO we had a world wide service thing and we cleaned up a church and cut down a tree... This week has been super long. AND then... my comp got super sick this Sunday... I think from exhaustion but he was like dead. I think I'm close behind. but the week has been awesome... and hopefully it just gets better this week. 
We have transfers in a week and a half and we are receiving 28 new elders... the president talked to me and told me he is thinking about having me train... sooo. This transfer might be my last, I'm just SOOOO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my cucaracha free bed...

But yeah I have no more time... I love you all. and I will see you... in heaven. 

Your only son, and brother... and friend... and spiritual influence. Elder Woods

PS: Send me some pics of... things who knows... MANDENMELAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chau Besitos
We got the rule of drinking coke dropped... so we DRANK IT!!!

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