"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, October 12, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hahaha well guess what I gave a talk this week also! Vamos familia!!!

     We are da beeest! Well the area is a little tough. I am being fed well once again so that is nice, but we are really searching for people who are looking to be baptized. I really am enjoying my comp, but he's like the opposite of me. He has two months here and well we were joking that I already know the area better then him... haha This week has been intense and I have stories but once again these I will have to share after the mission. I was feeling a little down because well these stories had to do with some things that happened and then both ended in people going to the spirit world to wait for Christ... but I just started wondering why is there so much bad in the world? Because it feels like I have been fighting so hard here to bring good things into the world and sometimes it feels like its just like throwing an ice cube in the fire trying to make a difference. But we were in a lesson and I remember explaining the book of Mormon, saying hermano if this book is true, that means that José Smith saw God and that this church has the gospel COMPLETELY, and well I decided to read a little in D&C to gain more of a testimonio de Joseph Smith. I read about a tree that's leaves are turning yellow, by that we see that winter is coming... and like the world we see that Christ is coming by the darkening of the people. Its sad and well sometimes a bit ugly like with the trees but I can really see the difference in the familias who are doing everything to hold on to the teachings of Christ. The difference is something we can see and feel. Just hearing about the difference in the lives we have there and what has became normal for me here... wow. Culture, and people, and the weather is different. But the church is the same. The church is what holds us together. This mission is flying by, Its crazy and a little weird. Watching my comp I remember the struggles that I felt at the beginning and now those that I feel now, and it is so true that we are here to receive struggles. Our purpose here is to be obedient to God and his commandments, and well its easy to get an answer right if we don't have 4 other wrong answers... but how would we learn... I feel like my mission has been a lot for me and making me into a person that a family would need. I think I want 10 kids... jaja just kidding. 

But yeah we are trying to work hard and see success. 

One story, so our apartment. One night I was sleeping, I woke to the feeling of something moving on my face, but it moved fast and went to my arm, without thinking I grabbed it and it was the size of my palm... and it moved... I threw it, fell out of my bed and hit my head on the wall.. in a daze ran to the light and well.... It was a giant cockroach... KILLED it and went back to sleep. Then in the morning I was still like half asleep, I was brushing my teeth and I felt something move in my pants.... I shook my leg and ANOTHER CUCARACHA fell out. I screamed like a girl and killed it... but dang. I'm like scarred from all of this... so much fear. I HATE BUGS!!

haha but yeah that's just life. I'm doing good... I love you allll :)

Elder Mitch Woods 

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