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Sunday, October 12, 2014

July 28, 2014

Querida Familia!

So This week has been a GOOD ONE we are seeing blessings on blessings! We had a baptism, with my friend named Milagros, the water was warm... mas o menos. And we had our two people who want to get baptised this next month go to church! 

So basically I'm happy and we are working everyday, I'm hitting a point in the mission were I'm starting to feel a deep tiredness, and its freaking me out because I still have like 9 months. The mission has became more relaxed and well I am seeing more love... that is always nice! This week we had to give talks... we give talks like once a month in this area, but I talked about love, that nothing in God's work starts without love, and basically that the mission work is driven by that love and desire to share it. Now on the other hand if we lack love, we have the opposite, which is pride and that drives us to worry more about ourselves and how things affect us then to worry about what God wants or what others want/need. It's true that we have agency to choose, but Christ said if ye love me keep my commandments... Acts of obedience or being humble come from Love. We think of Christ, a man who loved everyone more then has ever been on the earth... Could anyone who worked so hard for God and others been able to have a drop of pride... a man who accomplished more then anyone else can do, was he driven by his own desires?

We understand that this life needs order, such is as God, but also it can not be of God without that of Love, such as is Jesus Christ.

Dad said that we need to enjoy life more and in a sense that is like faith. In Moroni 7 we see that is true, If we understand that we are here on Earth to do OUR part and HOPE for a better world in the part of others. That is faith. Faith comes from HOPE first, if we hope that things will work out while doing our part. We will see the blessings that come from Faith, but once again  if we have faith we will have action on our part and if we have faith in Christ we will act in obeying Him, Him who told us: Love God above everything, and Love your neighbor! 
The Gospel is simple and its true. I love it!

I still feel like I'm really young and immature and I hope I don't go home and have people think I haven't changed for the better, but personally I feel like I have became more of a man! 
Thanks mom for going to the thing of Austin :) that made me super happy, how is his wife?  .... I will write him. This week has been hard I have been feeling super homesick, I don't know why though. I never had problems leaving the nest, but recently I have just really been missing my family and well home.. We have soooo much! It is not even funny. I don't know if I'm that worthy of a person but I feel like the Lord has way given me more then I deserve. The scriptures say to give thanks always(don't take things for granted) It is true. Count your many blessings :)

Marah needs to teach me soccer when I get back these Argentines are destroying me... its an embarrassment. Hailey needs to be careful and patient... Its been I while since I've driven but after seeing things here in Argentina.. I'm scared to drive haha As for my parasites... I'm getting better I'm starting to get a six pack... thank you parasites hahaha 
But I'm still skinny we don't eat very well in this area, I'm going to be spending a little more personal money I think.. because well,,, I've been fasting like the prophets! 

I don't remember if I told you, but one investigator(named Gisel who wants to get baptized) we painted her house! I am PICASSO we did a good job... it surprised me. My comp his side was questionable, but we are going to do another layer so  we will correct some things haha I've realized how little I know of like house keeping and being super independent... I think I'm going to shadow you guys a little better to take notes, so that I don't die when I'm alone.. haha

I don't have many funny stories, One guy stopped me in the street gave me a kiss and told me that he thinks what the church is doing as far as revealing truths of alien life is astonishing and he loves me... I love it when random men on the street kiss me... its super manly. 

I don't miss our dogs... I think Argentina has turned me off to Dogs for awhile. One little dog bit me, I think that's numero 6 in the mission... without thinking I punted that dog into a ditch like 10 feet away.... I almost feel bad. If I wasn´t a missionary I would make a business eliminating these Dogs. haha

Life is good though can´t complain... its cold and wet, and sometimes I want to lay down and die.... BUT THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT HAHAA

The church is true!

Love Mitch AKA Elder Woods

PS Mom I Forgot to put it in the last email, FELIZZZ CUMPLEAƑOSS VIEJA!!! :) 

Tell me what you want from Argentina!!!! LOVE YOU

The baptism de milagros

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