"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, October 12, 2014

September 29, 2014

     So It makes me happy to hear from you guys and that everything is super bueno!!!  As for me I'm not training. There were 8 elders who were going to come but due to visa problems they didn't make it, so I stayed with my comp and well the two areas we were taking care of became one... and well that has been interesting we have stayed busy and the two people we were going to marry, well the government is a mess and well its taking a ton of time! but it will happen... I have faith!

     But no this week has been interesting for a lot of reasons, one because now this area is wearing me out haha and well its awesome I love it, but we have had to stop contacting people and working completely with members trying to find in that way, we just don't have time to cover everywhere its like a 4-5 mile circle our area... and well we are easily walking 3 to 4 miles a day... maybe more its super possible that we are doing more but who knows I'm just tired. My comp has had some like breakdowns because he doesn't know the language and because he doesn't feel like he teaches well and on top of everything, I got really sick this whole week... like a power spray de vomito... it has been a more mental battle this week... I am learning how to endure and keep working. But in the mission there are ups and downs and in life also.. so I'm waiting to pick myself up and see more miracles. 
     We are working with so many people I have no time to even to explain at all... but its good. I just hope we can help everyone good. Also with General Conference coming up I'm super excited! I love it, We are going to invite everyone to listen to the prophet haha also my comp told me I speak English with an accent now... so I need to listen to more English to regain my accent. But I was thinking its almost been a year since I've been here in Argentina.. last conference I was there LIVE how awesome haha I am enjoying the mission a ton but it is easily the hardest thing that I have ever done... Its weird its like I have so much fear of failing the Lord that I cant stop without feeling super bad... So we keep working and just push forward... but yeah sorry if this is a little scrambled.. I'm still pretty sick. Pray for my health and the people of Argentina... They need it!!!

     But I love you guys... protect the RAVioli... and tell Ethan that he has no right to wreck the auto. haha    
(Marah got in a wreck in the Rav4. Mitch's friend Ethan ran into her)
 I hope you are super happy and planning a super birthday bash... for Hailey.. haha ;) 



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