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Saturday, March 15, 2014

December 16, 2013

 Hey! Guys

     So I can´t talk at all today, some things have came up and we have to
go attend to that, buuut, I have to let you know, next week we wont be
able to email either because we are going as a mission to the temple
and going to have some devotional and things.
     Just so you know though, this Christmas we can call. We can´t skype
because no one in our area has a computer. But, just so it is clear now, don´t
plan on anything at 3 oclock your time! I´ll call dads phone first just because he
always has some nice phone and it will probably have the best speaker phone!
      As for this week we had a baptism with the girl Nilsa... super
solid. We did it with another ward that had a baptism and their lady
they baptized had to do it over 4 times and was crying... it like
almost freaked Nilsa out. But luckily she was strong and made the best
covenant ever haha But yeah this week we are just trying to find new
people to teach!
      Love you guys!!! And I will talk to you all on Christmas! Give my love to Hailey,
Blake and Grandma... ps tell Hailey I can´t email today.. these next weeks are going
to be pretty busy doing Christmas miracles and what not...
     Oh I sat in Urine today on a bus, some kid apparantly peed all over a seat and well I cleaned it!     haha I love it here! :)

Bueno, talk to you soon! Muchisimo Amor!    Mitch
This is Nilsa
This is the baptism of Aron after the storm thing

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