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Saturday, March 15, 2014

December 2, 2013

Wow... It sounds like thanksgiving was wonderful...
     The whole day, I was like I would be eating turkey now, I would be napping now. It was hard to focus, we actually didn´t eat a chicken or anything... a family forgot to feed us so we got rice.. it was pretty cool. hahaha
      But as for this week things were okay pretty slow, we had lessons with the same people and one is progressing really well, she will be baptized. Its super awesome but kind of tough too because during one lesson she seemed a little sad and we later found out her family was throwing a party and she didnt go because she knew she would be tempted to drink, then her family was making fun of her. It was super tough to see, but at the same time super cool that she is sooo strong and wanting to change, I think that is the best thing on the mission seeing people change and loving them!
      We didnt eat anything too weird this week, that was nice! Everyone fries their milk here though. We visited a family and it was like 100 degrees out and he was like elder you want some chocolate milk. I looked at E Cranney and he was like giving me the say no look, but I was like ELDER I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK so I said yes... Turned out it was like super thick milk that was maybe 200 degrees.. so we drank nice thick fire milk in what could be the hottest weather I have ever experienced... I felt sick while walking for like the rest of the day.
     Not as much rain this week which just means that there will probably be a hurricane this week, so humid I have never sweated more en mi vida! The house we live in, well like all the houses doesnt have air conditioners, but like ours has a little argentine made fan.... which could maybe cool off one body part at a time. It is across the room... and there is a thing where if its a hot day the government like shuts off the water, so one day this week I was sooo sweaty, sunburnt and I tried to take a shower... NADA!!!!!!! I literally stuck to my bed and layed there for 8 hours.... it was a rough night. I hate SUMMER it is never going to end haha
     Also I think I will be more trunky then ever with this month being december, I am slowly realizing it will probably be like thanksgiving... ugh, but we do get to go to the temple I think the P-day before navidad! so that will be awesome! This Sunday was kind of funny, it was fast and testimony and well, to me it looked like this. There is one lady who IS ALWAYS first to bare her testimony, she talked about gardens in the temple... I dont know if it was my spanish or what but I was a little confused, haha then (keep in mind argentines are really competitive and want to be recognized as better then someone else) well this sunday the theme seemed to be who could cry the hardest.. like It was almost insane... I was just like you have to be kidding me. Then one Giant guy like 300 pound argentine man I have never seen got up and bore testimony to the law of chastity... I was just like trying to figure out what was happening. All and all pretty good week, still in shock some things here are just crazy insane but... Its starting to feel normal to me now haha
     The other day we were helping a woman out with weeding her yard.. which was me with a hand made garden hoe waging war on a jungle... that was insane all in itself. But then like we heard 30 gunshots... the woman was super calm like hey elders come inside for a little bit. I was like oh okay, if you insist. haha. One little girl came and was like hermana were those gunshots and she was like yes, the daughter just was like OH no my brother! But, what can you do. haha crazy argentines haha I love it though, things are good so dont worry.
     I have to go, but know I love ya and miss you!
Chau, Mitch
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