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Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hey Guys!!!!

I love you sooo much, I hope you know that I dont have much time today, like always haha. Buuut, the news, I'm still in Villegas, and my companion left.  He went to like the opposite side of the mission, how weird. He came for a week and chau hes gone! But get this, one of the missionaries that was living in the same apartment as me, Elder Manzano, him and his companion had their area shut down. They had to go to the offices with their luggage, along with my companion. We took 3 taxis to take everything there, and during the time there we found out... that me and MANZANO are companions! woooo

He is a really good missionary. He has less time then me, by just one transfer and he is alot better with some things and vice versa me with some other things. I feel like Im going to learn a lot from him, but he only has like 4 days in the area and we still are getting to know the area. BUT we have some investigators that me and Jimenez got, and its looking like this month we are going to have at least 6 baptisms!!! We had a few more people on date, but well some people progress slower then others right. But wow, I love the people here, the members were like GHOOOODS! ( note from mom: I think that is Woods with an accent)  We are so happy you stayed! Its weird to think Im coming up on a year and I have only had 2 areas... I dont know what that means, but dang! We havent had too many stories here thus far. We helped some drunk people... like a ton, get into a house and just sleep. that was funny, I dont know if thats considered a service project.    I am loving Life so dont worry about me, and as for my sisterHAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Just know that I am good, and doing the Lords work! I think Im starting to get a hang of it haha

But my word of advice this week is. Literally live the commandments, look at the 10 commandments and think of each one individually, and how if you keep it, the way you can be blessed. The 6th also means being healthy to your own body and not killing yourself through harmful things. The 7th also means keeping your mind clean and thoughts pure. 

I love you sooo much and want to hear everything thats happening!!!!

Love Mitch
PS Dad your the best.I will always be thankfull for what you do for me and the family, keep being the best, and remember that the best ways we can help others is by changing ourselves first, by taking a stepback and looking at our weaknesses and making a plan on how to strengthen them. Take in the good things and leave the bad! haha Im telling you this so that you can continue being such a great leader and if you can do it you will see more growth in the family! 

3 Nephi 18: 15, 20,21 ( I hope this is right!) Its some new scripture mastery

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