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Sunday, March 16, 2014

January 13, 2014

     Alright I should have some time to write today, First off sorry the week was a little hectic but the saying here is Asi es la vida ¨like that is the life¨ haha Our week was pretty good, slow as always Elder Cranney has been saying his good byes and getting everything ready for home, with him leaving I have been pretty trunky thinking about home and school and everything but wow its already been more then 8 months time will fly :)
      This week we had a dinner night with an investigator and we made her pankakes from AMERICA haha she loved them, her name is Mari she is sweet but I dont know if she is really focused on progressing with faith. She refuses to go to church, dang woman haha but other than that really meeting with members, I had my second ghetto Asado as you saw the first one, we had some sort of beef but the beef and chicken here is really fatty and well, I miss our sunday night BAR B Qs for real!
      This week has been super crazy as far as sketchy things happening Elder Cranney was like the Argentines just wait until I have almost made it out haha super funny, there are some sisters in our district who one is like brand brand new from Brazil and they got robbed. She was really sad, and all we could say was like well.. welcome to Buenos Aires haha
      But never complain about your nice things breaking, I honestly don´t know how I will handle coming back to the United States, but you guys.. just don´t understand. I didnt understand and now I think I barely understand a little more of how blessed we are. I ask everyday why some people are in the States and some Here. Count your many blessings name them one by one I guess! 
      I also got a letter from the Hiltons and the elders liked how their kids are in Alphebetical order, tell them thanks for me. As for Everyone else, tell them thanks too. But yeah I will try and be better if they send me something! I love the emails but cant always answer.Tell everyone that Im BUSY! Its not my time, its the Lords time, and he isn´t taking breaks hahaha Tell them to read the blog
      As for transfers they are this Wednesday and what happens is they just tell us if we are leaving the area or staying THE NIGHT BEFORE and then we go to a big transfer meeting if we have changes and they put on a big screen the transfers. They have the same video on the blog, its just super long and everyone just is like freaked out, so who knows, hopefully my next companion is good. I don´t want to look back and think what I could have done more in my mission and thats how I feel with these transfers.  So hopefully this next transfer I can show the new guy around and we can slay it with DILEGENCE!!!!
      Now lets talk about New Years. I got a video but its not great, I will show you in time. We got on our roof and the thing is here, there aren' laws. Everyone shoots off huge fireworks, and like every side was fireworks through the city... I think it was maybe better then the states, it was so fun then we drank sparkling cider. They call it sider for ninos here because it doesn't have alcohol haha, It was pretty lonely and the Holidays made me miss home A LOT but now its in the past. So I will try and just... keep going. I am tired everyday, sometimes depressed. But through the suffering comes the repentance and that is what we try to see. Just people working through repentance and changing their lives. That is the best, seeing people really become happy. I do miss Sundays in New Mexico though, Sundays here.. not organized and just.. feel like another day!  
      As for Dad getting up to do mission things at 7. That is my life, those meetings all day I get up at 6:20 and its like 5 days in one. I dont have many dreams, but last night I had a dream that the family moved to my area Villegas and It was one of the worst dreams of my life. I woke up so like freaked out and super in defense mode, and then I just started to think of families that do live there. WE HAVE TO SAVE THESE PEOPLE literally haha
      Also I think speaking of parasites... I think I pooped out a worm the other day. We are going to be keeping an eye on the wait but wow, that was a weird experience. Luckily I had my favorite thing ever to help me out... BIDAY. Seriously... you guys need one, changed my life..

       but... yeah I can´t think of much more to say. Just know that Les AMO the familia and I want the best for all of you! BE good. and thank you for the gifts seriously!!!!
                                                                                                       Love Mitch

This one is for dad, asado (bar b q) haha, but its a little sketchy. That is a sheet of tin, some hand made rebar, and well... I might have worms in my brain now.


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