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Sunday, March 16, 2014

February 10, 2014

Hey Family,
     How's life? Mine is alright. I think last week I went from a mad spirtiual high to feeling super low. We had two awesome missionaries and we were doing work. But now I'm with my comp and we are fighting all the time. It's like I will be doing something with the lesson and he does something different. I'm fighting him and all the people of Argentina. It feels like I'm a fish swimming against the current. He was touching me a ton this morning and wouldn't let go. We almost fought. I punched a wall instead of him, but now my hand hurts... This mission is all about patience, or at least for me. I don´t know what I was expecting. Just trying to be good and fight, but this mission I think would feel like a battle that you can´t win.. There is soo much bad, lazy, or incorrect things in the world that the small amount that are doing the right appear like a needle in a haystack. I don't know what I want to say, but for me just wishing that I can help someone is turning into an act of faith.
     This week has been the most humid thus far. It has been raining like all the week. This week was hectic. There was flooding like a ton, and we just helped a lot of people take out water. But the problem with that is when it rains a lot the people turn into animals and some crazy things happened!   
     This week we didn't have the same success as earlier, but.. we still have my friend Rafeal who is going to babtize him on the 22 of febrero. I seriously love that kid. He went to church this week even though there was like a ton of mud and then we showed him the baptismal font and he was like this is awesome I cant wait. Its like the needle in the haystack. Such an awesome kid. Then we also found one family called the family Vega, they are awesome less actives but they have a son who is really smart and a hard worker who is 20. He told me he was praying that the elders would come by because he wanted to go to church, but was embarrassed to go alone for the first time! When we were walking to the church with him and some other investigators from Bolivia he was asking me how was a mission and I dont know, I just got the thought that he would be an awesome missionary. So we will focus on that!
     I was thinking I am just walking here in this country thinking that it is like my super disfunctional home. haha I was walking in the streets and a lot of kids we have befriended were screaming Elderes! like always haha and someone was playing spanish music that I understood and I was just thinking... how weird I hear things in spanish and its just normal. I have friends in spanish. and I love people who once felt like just a strange other world. I'm in a weird state this week. Its like a state of purgatory. I don't know if I'm in the world or out. The mission helps to change others but for me I'm having conflicts of what type of person I want to be. Right now I think that is affecting me a lot. I was thinking the other day how much I wanted to go skiing, and how much I missed doing the things I wanted to do on Sunday like sleep and watch movies... when I can get rid of wanting what I want... I think I will be better at hearing what the Lord wants for others. As for Moroni 7, that is a really solid chapter. Its like this.... the next email, I'm going to send a picture of something I made. It pretty much describes our purpose here and... you'll see next week! 
    I just guess this week has been alright, but I've had lots of time to think, there are always missionaries that come home the same, and I fear that If I'm not careful that can happen with me. I want this to change me, its a bit of the reason that I think I decided to serve. 

     My advice to the family, Never say something is some else's fault. It doesn´t matter all that you can do is think how you can help them feel happy. Take family home evening serious. Go prepared to be together and grow in your knowledge. Don't think of it as a punishment or waste of time, but as a time that the Lord has given you to become an even happier person/family unit
Humble yourselves to see your faults (not others) and then the Lord can bless you guys and me more :) 
     Maybe... here is my assignment to you, find a preach my gospel book and go to the chapter of ¨Christ like Attributes. Read them all as a family and for each one talk about how you can achieve it more in the family ( the things that YOU can do differently) to help the family! 

I love you guys more then anything in this world! Be safe and be happy
 la vida es buena :) ¡no debe preocuparse sobre las cosas que no son importante!
Google translate: life is good :) should not worry about things that are not important!
Hasta la proxima semana! Chau 
Google translate: Until next week! Chau

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