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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

November 18, 2013

Thank you for your email!
Like always! I had a really good laugh at moms story! So funny, there is a saying here that goes some days your sick, some days you get robbed, and some days no one will listen to you. Then there are some days where no one listens to you, you're robbed and sick. Mom sounds like she has had one of those days! Hang in there! Hopefully you dont drive the 4runner till I get back and then I will just take it off your hands! haha I think I would probably wreck it! I´m scared to drive anymore, Argentina has like no car laws... a lane every now and then, but everyone crosses whenever,
and well I have yet to see a speed limit... Its pretty sketchy trying to cross a road and judge how fast cars are coming haha

I have decided not to write anything real bad anymore, if I survive I will tell you when I´m home :)
I will just say this week was intense! I took my camera out...
and broke the flash because I may have bailed on the side of a street and landed on it. :/ Im not destined to have nice things here! but yeah!

 This last saturday we had a surprise visit to Buenos Aires from Elder Jefferey R Holland and he spoke to our little mission. I met him and his wife. It was a cool experience. Once again I guess you can´t take pictures with them as a safety thing! But I learned some good things!

 Another day I think Elder Cranney smelt good because we where attacked by like 5 dogs. One time this dog came CHARGING down a street and like it was giant! I froze and E Cranney came in clutch, bending down pretending to pick up a rock but he couldnt actually find one.  Then another dog came and I picked up a baseball sized rock. He just yelled throw it, so I took a crow hop and threw it as hard as I could. It hit it like in the chest/ribs and I´m positive broke ribs. It let out a yell and the other one ran off, while the one I hit just lay down and was wimpering. It was insane, I never thought I would do that in my life..So hard. I felt a little bad, but my adrenaline was pumping. I did not want to feel its teeth haha.
But yeah, I think there are monkeys in argentina but I havent seen any.

 We have a baptism this week with a kid! That will be good and we have a cool girl from paruguay we are teaching who is on date for in December! I´m really excited!

 Today is now Elder Cranneys birthday! So we are going to go celebrate! It should be fun, there is a Burger King somewhere in the city so we are going to look for it!
My stomach is sick all the time, an older woman in our ward was like trying to rape me with her daughters (we call young girls like that snakes and the older ones dragons!) haha so that was weird and yeah... Things are always interesting!  I am becoming more tough for sure.

Love the Church and hope to see one day what I saw in Utah here!
Que mas? I can´t think of much more!
Love you guys a freakish amount!
 PS   Hey guess what only a year and a half left!... sounded like less time in my mind ugh!

Well love you! be good and read pray!


  From Hermana Carter

November 16, 2013

We have had so much excitement this week. However, today was the best because ALL of the missionaries got to come in from hither and yon to participate in the conference with Elder Holland. Also speaking today we had Sister and President Gonzalez (our area president), Sister and Elder Soares (from the Presidency of the Seventy) and Sister Holland. There were 841 missionaries there as nearly as we could count. Last night and today there were photos taken inside the chapel by the technology people and I am fortunate enough to have some of those to share.

I didn’t realize exactly how huge our group of missionaries is until we asked them to all come forward and sit in the chapel after the meeting ended. It is a huge chapel and even though they were sitting shoulder to shoulder, we still needed some of the overflow space. It is the most beautiful and spiritually impressive experience to be among these missionaries.
I hope that the missionaries will all share their experience with their families. You can imagine what it was like when I tell you that after it was over and we needed all 841 of them to return to their areas, there was hardly a sound in the building for 10 or 15 minutes even though everyone was moving and leaving. We just wanted to keep the perfect joy we felt among us.





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