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Saturday, March 15, 2014

December 9, 2013

Hahah Things sound like they are awesome in Farmington... after I leave. That seems to be my life.
     The comment about good food here made me laugh, while it is true there is good food, it is sometimes rare to find in our area we are in now. This week we had 4 out of our 6 lunch appointments (they dont have dinner here really) they were milonesa and rice. Milonesa is a really thin sliced piece of chicken or beef in our case chicken that is fried and breaded) its not bad but its not great and then rice... SO that was a little tiring after the 3 time haha that and we drink water and tang.
     It is sooo humid, yesterday there was like floating water... it was literally like a sauna my glasses where fogging up! Also here is a funny story so last week I talked about how hot it was and how there was going to be a hurricane.. well guess what that same day I experienced hurricane force winds. Me and Elder Cranney, we were starting our work at like 6 when we saw a storm kind of coming and we were just like ughhh rain. We saw a plane in the sky that was going towards the storm and did like a 180. We were like wooaa that was crazy... then it hit! It was like a wall, just insane wind, and water. I looked at Cranney and we both were like - Hermana Meza. She was a member that lived close. We started jogging and when the second wind hit, it stopped us. I literally had all my weight forward and couldnt move, and here in Argentina well, in our area the tops of houses are giant metal sheets. I looked to my left and saw a couple get ripped off a house and fly right towards elder cranney. One hit a tree and saved Elder Cranney (watch the other side of heaven, because it was exactly like that) After that had happened I was running like Usain Bolt. We got to their house and they live in a shack. They had the windows blocked with a couch and the lights had gone out because the wind broke the poles with electricity. Sooo we fortified their house and held it out. It was only like 20 minutes, but more rain then we have in like a whole year... it was so crazy but a cool story!
     haha another cool thing was that I saw was like a tarantula... dead serious it was the size of my hand, and it was fighting a wasp the size of my finger... IT WAS CRAZY I stared and watched forever because it was like discovery channel in real life .Then one kid told me that the wasp would kill me... I think he was young and kind of just being silly, but I was like might as well keep moving haha
      The christmas season, is well.... the weirdest thing ever. Its like they try to have Christmas like the states but its....... no where near. Santa Clause is called Papa Noel here. I asked one kid if he was excited for Papa Noel and he told me that he doesn´t visit Argentina... That was really sad, I cant remember The US and I think I might cry when I see what we have because.. This is like so different! 
     We are teaching one girl from Paraguay, super solid girl, and we had her baptismal interview and she is getting baptized next week, YAAY! She is super sweet and humble. 18 years old and has really never done anything with religion and we found her one day hanging out with one of our members and it just started from that! It has been really incredible to see her grow.
     We had stake conference this week, and I wanted to cry it felt so nice to see more then like 70 people in church! They really stressed the temple and mission work. We had some 70s there and it was really cool. They talked about how there are almost 2000 members that are adults in this stake, and out of that 2000 like 440 have been through the temple, and right now 250 have like active temple recommends. The priesthood here, like the men... are not living worthy lives. Like its ridiculous how much Argentine men don´t do. We have elders in this mission that are Branch presidents because the men are not doing what they should... its crazy to me. But yeah, it was really nice, things are good here.
     My comp is dying and buying souvenirs and just kind of.. done. It is ridiculous that I've experienced this twice already. It makes me think of home and what my plans are when I get home. Then I realize I have like 17 more months... I'm fighting some weird depression. Time is going really slow for me because everyday is the same. We find, we teach and sometimes baptize, but its like everyone hates us. And it gets tiresome asking members to do the same thing! One thing I read from an Elder Holland talk, said we are represantantes de jesucristo, that means that we are going to experience the same things as him, not in the magnitude but similar. We will be sad and want to accomplish the mission work some other way, but even Christ asked God if there was another way. We are going to have hard times. ¨the path to repentance always goes through Gethsemane¨ sooo things hopefully will just get better. But just know I'm good and love you all a ton. If I could I would be with you! 

just a little GLANCE of how destroyed everything was

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