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Sunday, March 16, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well, this week has been pretty long.
     I will start off, Elder Cranney is in his home now and well... yeah Im jealous haha But the last few days he was just saying goodbye to everyone. So we didnt do too much. Time goes by faster when your stuck in the work. Then after we got everything prepared for everyone else we where ready for transfer day on Wednesday, but that morning when i woke up I felt super sick.. and it was a mixture of just being in the bathroom forever and then throwing up soooo much! It was terrible, but we ended up going to the meeting which lasted for like 4 hours it was horrible. I had a plastic bag just in case I lost it in the meeting. But luckily I kept it down. I was outside in this courthouse thing throwing up forerver. All the elders were like elder what are you doing are you okay? and it came out like estoy... ahahhhhahhh vomitando..ahhhhhhh. But then I got my new companion. His name is Elder Jimenez from Juarez Mexico haha not to far from New Mexico. but yeah my English is like going away and I am seeing how much spanish I really dont know. I am confused with him all the time. Everyone including him talk so fast now that there isn't two yankees haha Soo Thats interesting. He is also really touchy, which I have already let him know I'm not a fan of... hopefully he learns fast or I'm going to touch him back..... WITH MY BELT haaha I am just kidding. 
     But yeah we are having a hard time finding, but we are working really hard now and thats awesome, We have found a few people that we are teaching. One really sad one is a guy named Miguel Angel that is addicted to wine, and well we have been working with him. I really want to see some progress, but who knows.
     I don't know why I'm here because everyone is super rude and... I don't know but I am having a hard time placing my personality with these people. We walk... SOOOO much. My body is slowly dying especially since I'm recovering from this sickness... the heat is like the worst I have seen it. It was raining today and we crossed this one spot that you could see the rain hit the ground and instantly turn to steam. We walked through like a natural sauna... I almost threw up! Awfull, but I guess I'm pretty used to it.
     We spent today with some of the Elders in a different area and I realized that there are nicer areas like... neighborhoods in Argentina.. I haven't seen anything like a calm area in the whole time I have been here. I have always been in crazy ghetto poor areas... We have been working with a lot of less actives also trying to work through them to get them excited and to also find people to teach through them. Things are slow right now and I think my president is mad at me... because of that, but I don't know.  Our president we have now... is a lot different than I have ever seen. Different than the one in Farmington, different than my one in the MTC and the two I had in Utah. I respect the guy but wow.. Things are a little more intense with what he does. We found out who the new one will be that is coming in July... and honestly I'm a little excited for that day to come.
      But yeah Elder Jimenez is a nice enough, pretty funny guy. Not exactly the most obedient so that stinks. I'm always like Elder. NO. I don't know that language barrier... changes things. Companionship`s are a little different. Only time will tell.
     Marah looks a lot bigger! What happened with that, that's kind of weird! The dogs... look like dang show dogs compared to the diseased dogs here.. dang spoiled dogs haha. I do miss you guys so much... Time is going sooooooooooooooooooo slow lately. 
     I have faith that God will qualify everything for the work though, I was thinking this time last year I was home working with the missionaries.. maybe that is why it feels like I have been out longer then I have. Who knows. 
     I did trip on a giant stick yesterday and now my toe is purple and on my other foot I got a blister from the devil. Then last night I got a bug bite that is the size of a 50 cent piece. I am not kidding, I need to check that bed. (I have seen spiders here from like Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings)) haha But seriously I wont be scared of any bug I see in New Mexico... I saw A snake the other day..... A DANG ANNACONDA! ... or something similar I don't know. I didn't stay to long, so crazy. 
                                                        But I love you guys a ton!
This was a party for E Cranney
Also this is Morena, she is one of my best friends...
all my friends in the ward are the young kids.. ugh

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