"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Saturday, March 15, 2014

December 30, 2013

Bringing the light of Christ!
     I hope thats what we are doing. There is a scripture in Mosiah... I can't remember its like 16:9 or something but Its a good one about Christs light. But yeah Guess what the packages came in!!!!! I haven't opened them yet because we just came straight from the offices and are now emailing! but yeah this week has been a little slow... hopefully after everyone sobers up after new years it will speed up haha, I did have a thought though. I was thinking as me and my companion sat in a house with home made chairs and a roof of one bar of wood and just a thin layer of tin. I thought one... Dad would loose his dang mind if he was in this house, and two how much our Heavenly Father loves his children. We have been talking with some of the most outcast people that no one wants to deal with but the thing is ,the worth of souls is great in the eyes of god, which is true! This Navidad we talk about what Christ gave us and I think for the first time I felt like maybe I gave back a little to Christ. This mission is hard working and humble. I wanted to gain patience from my mission and that I think I am getting too. But it is all working its way out.
     This new year we are going to make a goal as a mission to read the book of mormon in spanish and Im excited for that, I tried reading the bible in english and it was tough as always to read. Then I tried to read that thing in spanish and it was like my mind was about to explode, soo dificult haha but so true. I have heard over and over weird things about our church and the question of the Book of Mormon... To me it is like have you read the Bilble... yes well if you read the BOM you will see nothing contrary to it and in fact you will be brought closer to Christ haha The thing I see is a lot of people talk, but the action is where the good fruits come from! We are like shepards trying to make people Act for themselves!
     But no the call was awesome, I couldn't tell what all you heard at the end. I busted out- I love you but there was a spanish woman yelling in my ear from the phone telling me time was up haha like step off me woman I am SPEAKING WITH MY FAM!!!! Oh well it was nice while it lasted.
       We taught the Plan of Salvation the other day and used that board... the puzzle thing is like my baby, I truly think you guys were inspired to send that. It is so much better when you can visualize everything. I am going to make little cut outs of a body and a spirit to show when the spirit comes with the body and everything. Its going to be sooo cheto(rich/cool) haha but yeah that went well and was spiritual.
     I don¨t have much time today, I hope you guys understand how limited we are to writing, if I could I would write for days! But things are good. For new years its a whole day of fireworks that I heard are better then the States so.. we will see!

Just know that I love you guys and pray for you a ton!

Love you Mitch

This was Christmas, we told them we couldn't swim and they thought a good gift would
 be to throw us in the pool with everything .... it was fun haha dang Argentines

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