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Sunday, March 23, 2014

February 25, 2014

Hey Family!!!!

     How is it going! So sorry this is late, some things happened and we got permission to do emails today. My comp and I went to the Hospital yesterday for a total of 6 hours and after all the time, (things happened with the papers and stuff) and after all of that, they said that the doctor wasn't there that day. And now we have to go back Thursday buttt, the thing is we don't know what's going to happen because we find out transfers tonight, like if we stay or go. I am super nervous and I'm not going to lie, we have not really done anything other then visit our friends, just in case one of us leaves. This part of the transfer is the worst as far as being focused!
     But this week we had a few miracles and awesome things happen! We had the baptism, and it was a little weird. It was later so the mom could attend like at 7 o clock, but... only one member went and the bishop.. the family and us. It was hardly anyone like 8 people. But one of the most special ones. I don't know, it was just super spiritual! He gave us jerseys of our favorite teams and now we are friends for life. Me and ELDER JIMENEZ,  we were so happy.
     But now before we talk about Sunday we have go back a little in time, like two weeks ago .We were walking in the street when we saw this young woman, like 28 years old, selling this like deep fried balls filled with dulce de leche, pretty much caramel. But we were like lets get some. We talked with her, bought two each.. and they were so DANG GOOD! But we just left afterwards, with out talking about the church or anything! Afterwards we were like dang we should have converted her so that we could get free deep fried desert haha, A week later we were walking (like always) and we saw her again but she was with an older women and a guy. We passed and said HEY how are you, but we had a lesson and we were in a hurry. But the guy was like oh hey elders... so we thought that was a good enough reason to turn around and talk with them. WE come to find out that the older woman and guy are members and baptized in Paraguay, but the wife of the guy is from Argentina and has never been to the church. They left the church 8 years ago and have been going to a church called Universal, its this church of Brazilians that pay people to ¨have the spirit¨and fall on the ground and do weird things. We set a date to go by their house, and the first lesson was incredible. We explained the restoration of the church and the things we have now to guide us. The wife was like that's all I want is a guide. We told them to help them go back to the church we would accompany them. So in Domingo, we go and they are completely dressed up... that is rare, with there two kids. READY to go. Even rarer! We went and the wife is really shy. I was a little worried. But we met with them after church and It might have been the most spiritual lesson ever. She is on date for her baptism on the 29 of march and wow... I cried a little. She told us that she will never forget the moment she met us because she felt like she was in the presence of God, and for the first time she found the peace she has been looking for... What a miracle right? I'm worried to leave the area just for them, but wow everything she said was just that she said a prayer in church asking if this was where she belonged and she told us she has never felt so good about anything. Its weird she is so pure for living in Argentina, such a sweet person. I don't know but now we have 4 baptisms set for March! yaaay :) I love my job!
     Other then that lets see... oh yeah we have three Mexicans here in the district so for a district activity we made tacos.... it was delicious then we played soccer. And we got to taste the food a second time haha just kidding.
     But yeah I cant send photos, because this stupid place we go to do emails always gives me the broken computer as far as uploading things... but I'm going to buy a cheaper camera and step my game up don't you worry! Tell Marah congrats with the tennis! I played ping pong here and I destroyed everyone... I'm ready! haha 
     One thing I need to do is take a picture of my shoes, they are getting pretty beat. We decided we had to stop playing a game, when we are walking or when no one wants to hear us we play soccer.. with rocks, the goal is to get Caños which in castellano is pipe. Its when you put the rock between their legs. Its sooo fun haha It beats feeling depressed. I had one day where I had 40 caños on Jimenez and he had 7 on me... DESTROYED! haha buuut. then there is the subject of the shoes... so we are going to try and keep our playing to a minimum if we stay together! 
      We have one member that I love a ton she is like an Argentine mother, she wanted to call you guys and tell you how much I am loved. But then we found out that all she can say in ingles is I love you and cookies.... so that would be highly ineffective haha How is your guys Spanish? You better be working on it and when I get home I can teach you! But also... its happening. I am really losing my English. I don't know how I have been speaking it for like 20 years and its just going like that. I live with one american and when we speak in english its like everything is translated from spanish to English. I said green bed like hey the bed green over there and everything's backwards. I dont know words anymore or the grammar.... ¨strange things are happening to me. But still the spanish is not anywhere perfect and I'm like in the middle of retardation, I cant speak with anyone!!! ahhhhhh
Well I can speak well enough to survive haha

Bueno, I do believe this is sufficient (I'm going to use bigger words in order to remember them haha) 

But I love you a ton! 
Mitch! :)

This is an old photo Mitch sent awhile back. I'm guessing he found it funny.

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