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Sunday, March 16, 2014

January 27, 2014

So this week has been a pretty fun but awful one at the same time.
So my companion is a pretty cool guy, but holy cow, I am so frustrated with not understanding things all the time. We are teaching quite a few people, but right now it is looking like we are just planting the seeds. Who knows? Things are good. We had 5 investigators in church. That was awesome! The drunk guy Miguel went and it was really incredible to see how he was and how he felt. But yeah this week I'm trying to think of anything crazy that happened... oh okay I have a story. So we were walking and this dog attacked my leg, tore the pants, and now the leg is a little bruised. But the dog wasn't wild and the owner was just standing watching.. But I didn't say anything because I was really mad and I thought I wouldn't be too missionary like. But later that night we were walking back to the house and it started going for my comp... the same dog. Sooo I hit it in the face with a giant rock and just turned it's world inside out. The owner was outside and do you know what he did... he started screaming. At first I thought he was mad about the dog. But he was like MY CARRR you could have hit my car, eeeyyyy  Just screaming a lot, and I was so confused and just fed up with argentines. So I was like your dog has already bit me, I don't care about your stupid car and if you even mess with me I will do the same thing to you as your dog.. which turned into a huge fight (of words) and I just started walking off because I was just on the verge of snapping on this clueless guy and he screamed eyyy vaya a los estados unidos!!! Go to the united states... He said it like it was a punishment! I was like if these people even knew. The problem is the people here are super... just like I don't know how to explain it, self centered and ignorant. Super prideful people and I truly believe that is why they are struggling. I don't know if I planted a seed there or destroyed one, but Its sooo hard to be perfect all the time. Ugh, but yeah other than that this week has been good. We are having some missionaries live with us who extended there missions. They are going through the zone helping all the companionships and this week is our turn. I don't know if I'm excited, but we are going to accomplish so much more! So that will be sweet. I am finally getting over the sickness so that is also really sweet.
I'm going to talk about the 5 laws of Argentina. If you remember my roommates at BYU told me about it 
It is: 
1. you get robbed
2. you will get bit by a dog
3. you will fall into a sanja (which is this open sewage line on the side of the roads
4.you will deficate in your pants
5. a snake(girl) will kiss you

 I got the dog this week, I am missing a few things more then when I got here, and my companion fell in a sanja and pooped his pants this week.
So far as a companionship, we've almost accomplished it! haha Where did God put me. :)
     My bed is this wood frame that... is super broken and falls apart at random times. One time my bed just completely caved in and the leg fell and I was half on the bed and half off. Elder Cranney was like do you want to fix it... I was so tired I was just like leave it man... just leave it. So I slept a night like that haha I WANT A BIG BOY BED! Its okay though, that's life. Also speaking of sleeping, I have been getting charlie horses from the devil... in the middle of the night I got one on my calf. I woke up and thought I was dying! Elder Jimenez woke up and started laughing and then he got one in his thigh.. It was super funny but serious. These cramps are monsters.

What else... I cant think of anything else but we are teaching some solid families... solid for Argentina. I'm excited and happy that I have this horrible but wonderful opportunity!

Love you all 



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