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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

November 25, 2013

Como andan? Espero que todo esta bien y que ustedes estan cotinuando ser fiel! haha

 So yeah, the baptism went really well and everything worked out awesome, I got to do the baptism and that was so nice. The water was freezing and it was the closest thing to swimming I have had in a while. I am sick of being hot, going on month like 7 of pure heat. Here is SO humid it gets really hot in the begining of the week and rains on the weekends. It is actually raining alot today! The collectivo(bus) that was picking us up tried to stop, locked its brakes and hydro-planed until it was like almost sideways in the street...
Oh argentina!

But yeah, things are kind of different here like always. The baptism had like 6 people there and It was just.. different then Utah. I went from like one extreme to the other. Kind of funny, but hopefully what I saw can be the future for Argentina, I will try and make it possible, I have been trying not to think to much of home, but lately everyone is starting to play Christmas music and I just want to be home for Christmas... :/ ugh

 As for thanksgiving, pavo(turkey) is like extinct here haha so me and Elder Cranney if we can  are going to buy a chicken and cook it up! Wow, funny story of chicken actually, we ate with this family the other day and she gave us some pasta looking thing like usual, and I was looking at the meat, and it was really smooth, like no cut marks.. It looked a little peculiar to me but I was like Im not asking Elder Cranney what this is until after I eat this, it was like super... dense and funky. One that was really long I bit into and it had like a bazillion little pieces of bones, and it made me feel sick, after I ate a lot of that. Me and Cranney left, I then was like yo Cranney was that, like the groin of an animal! I found out its called giso de pollo al menudo... which means like.. all the organs of chicken. The thing with the bones was the neck... so that was... awesome. I miss menteca de mani (peanut butter) and some jelly!

 If you can´t send cologne thats fine, I´ll just smell like feces its fine. The other day we were walking through a cloud of smoke, because everyone just dumps there trash and burns it in the street, and I was like wow, that smells really bad. I looked and someone was burning a dog, It was dead already(I think) but yeah that was something new.. So for the rest of that day I smelt like cremated dog! haha But this week we have found a new family. We have been teaching her english for her school, she is a single mom with 3 kids.. so hopefully that works out. We also have a woman who hasn´t let us in to teach her, but her dad is a recent convert and her husband just died, so I really feel like the Gospel will change everything in her life, so I will try and work harder with that!

Things are good! Saw I giant drunk brawl yesterday, apparently that is going to be normal for las fiestas! (the holidays) haha

But fear not, I found out that all the places I have been soo far are like 2 of the top 3 most ghetto in our mission, and they are not to bad.So The dreams coming true, teaching the people of the GHETTO! haha

 Love you mucho! Let me know if there is anything I can do down here!

 Love, Elder Mitch Woods

 PS:  Also this may be a lot to ask I know sometimes technology is tough for you, (talking to mom there) but you should start sending me pictures. I have a few to send it is just hard because, well that camera I have is kind of big, such a mistake bringing that. Great camera, sketchy area, we have a ghetto phone from like the 70s and we dont even take it out in public because we will get it robbed, so I can only imagine what would happen if that camera was seen haha

LOVE you muchisimo!



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