"...the field is white all ready to harvest..."-D&C 4

Sunday, March 16, 2014

February 3, 2014

Hey Family how are you all doing! :)
     So this week was super intense but we absolutely destroyed the area with missionary work, haha We had two other missionary elders that have extended their missions and are kind of traveling helping the other missionaries. They were with us this week and we were able to like double the amount of work, we had 25 lessons this week, 21 new investigators and well... yeah it was awesome!
    The only problem was that it rained on Sunday and Villegas (the area of mine) is like all dirt.. so mud! and well the people were really lazy and like NO one came. The bishop came like at 9:10 with his conselors and church starts at 9 but it was okay because they were one of the first... I was really disgusted with the ward that day and was just like GET IT TOGETHER people dang! But we had a few people that came!
      I dont understand why things happen but like Dad said sometimes God does things for a bigger purpose and sometimes that good in the future has to come from the bad now. That same dog attacked us again, and It recieved a rock. I'm afraid the owner is going to call the police on me, but its literally like destroy this stupid dog or get bit. I dont know but I think Im going to pull a Nephi and kill Laban in order to save future people haha This case Laban is the Dog.
     Also I got bit by just like every insect this week. In one lesson it was raining (its been raining all week) I got bit by at least 50 mosquitos. The thing is these mosquitos are monsters... like imagine jumanji, they just land on you and if you have like 3 layers of clothes, it doesnt matter they bite through it. One bit me in the face and I thought an airsoft gun shot me! Maldito Mosquitos! But then I felt something on my leg and I was like the mosquitos entered into my leg! But now it was just some ticks!!! All in a lesson I was like yes this is true and... ahhhh tick! you can have this in your life too. amen. haha
     One day it rained so much that we had to cross this bosque (forest) to get in the area and it was flooded. I was like oh its not too bad and bam we were walking through a flood up to our knees... that whole day I was soaked in humidity and rain. I think my skin will die when I return to dryness. But its all been a fun experience.The bishop invited us to lunch and we had Asado(steak) it was soo dang good! 
     They are from Bolivia. The brother of the bishop was showing me this hot wheels car that he found in a flea market. He was like what brand is it. I said oh it translates to Ruedas Caliente and he was like talking about the quality and how great it was forever, then asked if I had ever owned one. I said without thinking I had like a box of them... he lost his mind. Now he wants me to order from you guys a black muscle car like vin diesel has in fast and the furious of the brand Ruedas Caliente haha I tried to explain that would never happen because its like a billion dollars to send that and its just not worth it. I think he finally excepted it but wow, the little things for real are such a difference.
     I saw a giant dog fight of like 10 boxers and pitbulls, one lost a tail and one died... dogs here I swear. I tried to imagine jake walking around in villegas.... that poor spoiled dog would just not last 5 minutes haha
     Also another cool experience happened. We are teaching this one kid of 20 years and at first he was really closed to us, but somehow he opened to me and I started teaching him. Apparently he had talked with other elders before, but he told me that the way I taught him he finally understands and for the first time he like knows what to do and wants to change. I teach through a lot of drawings and visualy explaining things. He asked if I could make him some pictures and so I did and he kept them in his scriptures. I thought of the picture Dad has that the one missionary gave him. Then the family whos been helping us teach him told us that they were talking and he said that he feels like I was sent perfectly for him. The family was like Elder, everyone has their missionary and you're his... I almost cried, because I think maybe for the first time I felt like I was truly helping someone, that I was the missionary that changed a life! I was soo happy but then we were late and we sprinted 4 miles to the pension and I threw up after! But yeah he is on date for the 22 of this month! I am sooo excited! We have like 10 people with dates for baptism now. We will see if they really are serious to change and have a happy life! How funny that our entire purpose in this life is to keep commandments... you would think it would be so easy! 

Things are good here, I am super happy and grateful to be here. I have been thinking what would I do if I was home... I was like I would be the same, this mission is changing me and I dont think I can ever go back! Its so weird! haha

Just know that I love you guys! Les Amo Muchisimo!
:) Keep up with doing what is really important and you will see the blessings!

Estoy tan agredecido por tener una familia como ustedes, por eso nunca cambiaria para nada, solo sepan que estoy pensando de ustedes y orando con todo lo que tengo! les amo a la luna :)

PS: Also I am forgetting english if something sounds weird I'm sorry. I thought I was going deaf because when people talk to me in english and I'm thinking in spanish it doesnt translate and I dont understand, and vice versa with english and Spanish. Its hard to think in both... its really a weird thing! haha

Google translate: Estoy tan agradecido por tener una familia como ustedes, por eso nunca cambiaria para nada, solo sepan que estoy pensado de ustedes y orando con todo lo que tengo! les amo a la luna :)
I am so grateful to have a family like you, so I never exchange for anything, I just know that I'm thinking of you and praying with everything I have! I love you to the moon :)
This paper is one I drew so we could teach a young kid named Aron that we baptized!
Note from mom: Not sure if this is the bishop and his family or not. There wasn't a description. Whoever they are I am just thankful they are watching over my son!

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