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Sunday, March 23, 2014

February 17, 2014

So Hey, I dont have anytime at all today

     We where at the hospital all day me and my companion. He has this like infected toe, we think it started off as an ingrown toenail, but from all the walking in the mud and water and maybe feces his toe is now like this open flesh wound, who knows.  But we had to cross half of Buenos Aires to get to the ´trusted´hospital of the mission and well... It was insane, medical care here is free, and well you can tell there was like a million people there. We waited for hours and got in there, they wrapped it up said keep this toe dry and come back next monday.... LIKE ARE YOU MESSING WITH ME?!?! I was like give me a machete elder Im going to just cut it off! haha but yeah that was all day! Also something I have noticed here is there are a lot more like deformities here in places where the medical isnt maybe the best. You can definitely see it in the health, makes me really want to work in medical so that I can fix these dang people! Not just spiritually :)
     But yeah this week was awesome we worked pretty hard. It rained a lot and we didnt have a lot of sucess in the week but then on Saturday we just went crazy and started contacting everything in the world, and we found some people to teach. Then on Sunday is where we saw the miracle. We have been working with some inactives... like all the ward. Normal sundays of 50 to 60 people became just shy of 100 which you cant even imagine the difference. The church was full, and we had 7 investigators in the church!
     My friend Rafeal had his interview for his baptism and he is ready to GO! yaaaahhhhh he asked me if I could baptise him. I almost cried, I love that kid. He also promised me that he is going to by me a soccer jersey of ´boca juniors¨there are a bunch of teams and you have to pick one so that was what I chose and he is their fan too! haha but I am going to give him one of my white shirts, its a fair trade a think!
     The Bishop thanked us in ward counsel. Before we started he said I just want to thank you both... we are so gratefull for you and how hard you're working. We definitely are recieving blessings from you two. I was so pumped! We are bringing this place back to life! haha But yeah that was our day. Sure in the week we are attacked and sometimes people borrow our things without asking in the street, but the thing is none of that matters because the blessings are so much more better. I can now kind of see how the pioneers did it. You can have a broken body but if your spirit is filled with the spirit that only God can give... its like you dont even need your body! Its a good feeling.
     My spanish is getting better. I still mess up the grammar but I cant remember the grammar of english either. Its like the anology of the ping pong balls in a pipe. if the balls are knowlege and the pipe our mind... I think mine is now half full of spanish and english because I struggle with both now haha Sorry I dont have pictures... I think Im going to take some money out of the savings and buy a little camera that I can just take every were, because the one is just to big, and I want to remember the country that is slowly killing me! ha
     Transfers are next week. I have been in Villegas for all the mission. I dont know if I want to leave though, I kind of like ¨mini africa¨haha I will find out though who knows! but yeah, we just teach and do the same things most the day.
     Im super glad your doing the noche de hogar(family home evening) im proud of you guys. If I was a missionary with our family, I would think that you all are THE BEST IN THE MUNDO (world) haha but yeah... This one family told me that they want us to try cow brain... so we will see if that happens... how awesome!
     We played soccer and I beat some little argentines like 14 years old... and I felt awesome, they were like you play good for a yankee (I dont know if i told you but they call us that) but yeah, life has been pretty tranquil. How are you guys? Anything crazy happen back in the casa? Tell me! anyway I have no time now, just know that you are loved! Keep being good haha and.... stay out of my room! just kidding.
               LOVE Su querido hijo de siempre, capaz el mejor en todo la tierra. Mitch :)

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